Dedicated, Republican, Conservative, Leadership!

There is no greater honor than to represent the values and interests of others.
My Promises to Franklin County Republicans... 1.) The Executive Chair must raise money for the party. This responsibility cannot be passed down to other people. I will use my business and community relationships, and my successful fundraising experience to increase financial contributions to the county party. I will turn this party around! 2.) I will use my business, finance and marketing expertise to rebuild this county party. 3.) Many central and executive committee members have told me that they do not feel like their voice is valued. My leadership style involves true collaboration and being a team player. I do not believe in authoritarian leadership. I will bring back the true committee approach outlined in the by-laws where committee members are valued, engaged and drive the party’s actions and decisions. 4.) I will bring transparency to the party by providing detailed quarterly financial reports. Committee members will never have to wonder about what dollars are coming in and where money is being spent. They will have input into those decisions. 5.) I will keep overhead costs down and increase funds that the county party provides to candidates. I will NOT take money away from candidates by asking for a salary. I whole heartedly volunteer for this position. 6.) I will begin a much-needed multi-week training institute to coach candidates on developing their message, creating their elevator speech, public speaking at community forums, fundraising, leadership, and creating their grass-roots campaign plan. 7.) I will ensure that the Republican slate cards are distributed for each and every election.
Endorsed by the Dublin Republican Club
“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” - Ronald Reagan


Doing nothing, gets you nothing!