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There is no greater honor than to represent the values and interests of others.

I have made a "Podcast" to explain who I am, what are my values and with your help,

how we can turn the FCGOP once again into a winning team.


It's time to reset the FUTURE of the Franklin County Republican Party


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Leadership & Involvement Active in supporting local, state, and national campaigns Strong relationships with community, business and industry leaders Training and expertise in Finance, Business Law, Marketing and Real Estate Co-founder of the Ohio Neighborhood Preservation Association Founded Parker Realty and New Perspective Asset Management Bishop Hartley High School and Ohio State University Graduate About Shawn ﷯I am a lifelong resident of central Ohio and have watched the growth that has, and is occurring in our county. My parents were amazing people, and they were always active volunteering, helping others and promoting the values of America, education, and making sure we understood the Freedoms we enjoy in this country. My father grew up on the southend of Columbus and lived through the Great Depression. He left Ohio State in 1941 to serve in the war in Alaska, India and China, then served his career as a Columbus Police officer until retirement. Mom was a volunteer of everything that came along and raised a large family. Dinner was at six every night, and issues of the day were discussed openly. The flag was flown daily and came down at dusk. It was a symbol of what they fought for, what we stood for, and a reminder that we live in the greatest country the world has ever seen. This is how our world was, and the values and philosophy were the base we all worked off of to settle our differences and move our local, state and national government to the future. "Bishop Hartley High School and Ohio State University Graduate" I attended Scottwood and Christ the King elementary, then Bishop Hartley High school and eventually Ohio State (they added the “THE” later!). I worked my way through school loading planes at Port Columbus then working for Borden as an intern. I coached kids during school at Marion Franklin and various schools on the eastside. Professionally I worked after college in sales and marketing positions at Nestle Foods, Sterling Health (Eastman Kodak), and as a Broker representing the largest consumer goods manufactures in the world. This afforded me the opportunity to learn the basics of advertising, marketing, corporate structure, process and training. Having developed a strong interest in Real Estate, I opened my own Brokerage in Columbus, Parker Realty Associates, and have had great success developing a wealth driven company that has grown into multiple markets throughout Ohio. I have served in leadership with the Columbus Board of Realtors, and have been elected President of the Ohio Commercial Real Estate Exchangors. "...elected President of the Ohio Commercial Real Estate Exchangors." I also founded New Perspective Asset Management, a Receivership and Workout company that is a leader in the management of distressed business situations in Ohio, (I have been appointed in 22 counties by Common Pleas and Municipal Judges) to manage complex problems. I also co-founded a 501c3 non-profit that is focused on eradicating blighted housing across the state of Ohio (Ohio Neighborhood Preservation Association), and limit the places where human trafficking and drug activity can occur. Through the ONPA, I have had the opportunity to meet with the leadership of most of the suburbs and townships in Franklin County as well as the leaders of Columbus and Franklin County as well as other cities. For fun, I led the largest Pack of Scouts in the central Ohio district, coached years of youth sports, and was also a class 1 Ohio High School basketball official for over 20 years. I wanted to share those elements of me with you so you have an idea of who I am! In college I had the opportunity to meet Vice Presidential candidate George Bush and have worked for many years supporting the campaigns of candidates that I felt were in need of my services. I have had a terrific time raising funds and assisting campaign efforts for GOP candidates in many elections. "...raising funds and assisting campaign efforts for GOP candidates" I look forward to meeting all of you whom I have not previously met, and getting to know you better. I will have a number of communications coming forward with ideas and ways to grow the mission of the Party, and to better train and support our elected officials who get the job done every day! Let’s look at a GREAT future and make it happen together! Sincerely, Shawn Parker 614.783.2636 Shawn Jr., Georgia and Shawn Parker


Doing nothing, gets you nothing!